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Printing responsibly means you can still have physical print whilst minimising your environmental impact

Sustainability and our environment have been front of mind for people and businesses in recent years.

Whilst there has been a big shift in businesses going paperless, we know this isn’t always practical for all businesses.

Just because you need to print reports, documents, signage or promotional materials, doesn’t mean it has to be at the cost of our planet.

At Inkifingus, we’re committed to not only minimising our impact on the environment, but making a positive impact on it.

There are a number of choices you can make for your print jobs that will help minimise the impact we make on the environment for those jobs that just need to be printed.

Let’s Do This Together

Whether you’re printing business cards, flyers or large format printing, there are a whole lot of choices you can make in the materials being used.

Here are some of the top choices Inkifingus can help make for all your print jobs.

Australian Made
Stocks that display this symbol are manufactured in Australia.

ISO9706 Longlife
Papers displaying this symbol are guaranteed by international standards.

FDA Certified
Products that the FDA (Food and Drug Administration) have deemed suitable for direct contact with food and medical products.

Paper made up of recycled fibres which have been extracted from existing paper products, to be used in the manufacture of further paper products. Recycled paper can be 100% recycled or consist of a mixture of pre and post consumer waste along with some virgin fibre to add strength.

ISO 14001 EMS
Environmental Management Systems
Paper is manufactured by a mill that is accredited with ISO 14001, the international standard for organising and achieving continual improvement in environmental management systems. This standard reviews the total manufacturing process and seeks continuous improvement in aspects such as energy efficiency, waste reduction and pollution control.

Responsible Forestry Practices
Fibre used in the production of paper that shows this symbol is sourced from pulp suppliers who practice responsible forestry techniques and/or use paper from managed plantation forests.

Stone Paper
The most environmental paper available which is waterproof, tear resistant and made from Stone. This revolutionary paper is made from 80% crushed stone (CaCO3 Calcium Carbonate) gathered from industry offcuts that are then bound together by a non toxic resin to form a beautiful satin, matte textured paper. All the while leaving the Earth’s natural water supplies and forests to do what they do best. It is compostable and by purchasing Stone Paper you are participating in a circular economy.
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