Co-sourced printing: Save your organisation time, money, and stress

When it comes to print management, traditionally organisations have been limited to two options: internal or outsourced printing. But have you considered a third option: Co-sourced printing?

In this evolving digital landscape, it is becoming abundantly clear to many business leaders that traditional print management methods are no longer meeting their organisation’s needs.

Fortunately, there are more printing options available than ever before, making the choice for a right printing model difficult for businesses. Each offers different solutions, expert areas, and consistency in quality, but can they meet the particular needs of your organisation?

The good, the bad, and the ugly: an overview of print management options

Pros Cons
Internal Printing:
The organisation purchases and maintains their own printing equipment to use in-house
  •  Complete control over your print management
  • High costs for printing equipment, maintenance, and supplies
    • Most of which is overpriced and unnecessary for the organisation’s needs
  • Complete responsibility for your print management
  • Wasteful to the environment
  • No print management support
Outsourced Printing:
The organisation uses an outsourced printer for their printing services
  •  Lower printing costs
  •  No print management support
  • Diluted brand image
    • Not every printer delivers the same product, so organisations have no choice but to deal with several different vendors. This creates inconsistency across branding, diluting the message and the organisation’s image.
Printing brands place printing equipment on-site and manage the printing process on behalf of the organisation. Eg. Fuji Xerox
  •  Lower printing costs
  • Self-serviced printing
  •  Don’t always have access to the necessary printing equipment, and the equipment they do have is usually inadequate or insufficient for printing finishes.
  • Printing support is restricted to certain operating hours
  • No print management support
Print Agencies
End-to-end printing and design managed and produced by a printing agency
  •  Lower printing costs
  • More streamlined print management process
  •  Inflated design costs
  • Printing agency owns the imagery and designs
    • Organisations are forced to use the same print agency in order to reuse the same design template or logo

The problem with these common print management solutions is that there is a lack of facilitation between the organisation and their printer. This often leads to organisations overpaying for printing services they neither need nor utilise, and the printer being unable to provide the organisation with the right print management solution based on the company’s needs.

In order to find the right manufacturing process, for the right application, for the right outcome, organisations need to have a closer relationship with their printer.

Which is why we created ‘Co-Sourced’ Printing

What is Co-Sourced Printing?

Every organisation has different printing needs, and each printed product requires a different application, detail, and resources. So why should you pay for a generic printing process?

With co-sourced printing, your printing partner handles the end-to-end print management, from design, to print, to delivery, with a process custom built for the needs of your organisation. Using your input, opinions, and knowledge of your organisation, co-sourced printing allows you to work together with your printing partner, ensuring the best possible outcome is achieved.

Unfortunately, no printing partner can cater for every speciality of print. There will always be a specific printing requirement, design feature or special material that is beyond the talents of your printer. However, that doesn’t mean your organisation’s printing needs have to suffer for it. Co-sourced printing opens up a dialogue between suppliers that work together to achieve the desired printing outcome, and your co-sourced printing partner ensures that standards are set and followed in a timely manner.

Co-sourced printing is a transparent partnership that provides you with complete visibility over your print management, so you know exactly what you are getting before the product is printed. This printing model provides you with more breathability over your print management, with the relief that your brand and quality will stay consistent.

Case study: How co-sourced printing improved efficiency Jet Master Fireplaces

As a retailer in fireplaces and heaters, Jetmaster Fireplaces requires constant price changes for their displayed products. As a reliable and well-known brand in the industry, JetMaster needed absolutely consistency and quality in the print and design of their price tags. Traditionally the printer had to be briefed on the design, sent the prices to be changed, and the final product had to be reviewed. This process would take up to six hours of work was required each time a price change occurred – and for Jetmaster Fireplaces that was every three months.

After updating to a co-sourced printing model with Inkifingus, the process for printing became streamlined and automated. Jetmaster Fireplaces now have a PDF template of the design which they update and send to Inkifingus each time a price changes. By doing this, the time wasted re-briefing the printer is removed, the time spent re-designing the product has been reduced, and JetMaster Fireplaces knows exactly what the final product will be.

Thanks to the co-sourced printing model, Jetmaster Fireplaces now have the freedom to take their automated printing process even further. By utilising their quoting software, Jetmaster Fireplaces will soon be able to print new prices on demand in their own showroom, further reducing time and money spent on managing their print.

Benefits of co-sourced printing for your organisation

  1. A more cost-effective approach to print management that won’t diminish quality or consistency
  2. Ongoing print management support from an expert printer; including advice and ideas for ensuring the best quality printed product
  3. A streamlined printing process tailored to the needs of your organisation, ensuring that you only pay for exactly what you need, when you need it.
  4. Design and concept creation from experienced designers, and printers who understand how to get the best message across through print. Best of all, designs are owned by you, from start to finish.

How can co-sourcing your print help your business? Give me a call and let’s work it out together: 0400 024 905

If you would like to explore the benefits that co-sourced printing has to offer your business, please contact me right now on 0400 024 905.

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