How can planning your prints help you grasp a competitive edge?

This is part two in our series about how effective print planning can boost your business. View part one or subscribe to our blog to stay updated. Everyone’s got a theory about how you can be more competitive. Most of that advice can be boiled down to: Be unique and cost-effective. So where does print fit into that directive? We spoke last month about what good print planning looks like — but how do you leverage that knowledge to gain a competitive edge? Well, there’s plenty of opportunities in print to shave costs. There’s also lots of ways to ensure that you’re getting the best quality product that you can — rather than dealing with errors, unfit-for-purpose products or reprints. But there’s also other areas where you can use print to create a truly unique, memorable brand for your business. Today, I’m taking you through some key ways that you can leverage good print planning to build a cost-effective, unique point of difference — so you can gain that richly needed competitive edge.

How can you use print to come out on top?

“How do I use print to get a leg-up?”

When there’s always a threatening disruptor nearby, ready to pounce on your share of the market, it’s obviously hugely important to differentiate yourself from them. That doesn’t just mean ensuring you’ve got a good hold on your margins — although that’s clearly a huge part of it. It’s also about building yourself as a memorable and recognisable brand. Both of those factors together ensure that you’ll withstand the flood of scrappy new competitors and disruptive technologies. So, how can effectively planning your prints help you gain a competitive edge? Through the creation of memorable and valuable marketing material that can be repurposed and reused. If other companies have better and more cost-effective print marketing, it’s one key area where you’re falling behind. It means at trade fairs, conferences or even just in advertising, they’ll have the more recognisable brand — and they’ll be in your customers’ heads.

Make a lasting impression with unique and innovative print

I’ve seen the concept of strong, recognisable and memorable marketing material used to great effect many times. The most effective tools to keep your company front of mind are memorable by great design, have multiple use applications, and can be repurposed over and over again. And good, well-executed print can help boost your marketing material just as effectively as digital. Best of all, you’re no longer limited to USBs and pens. New innovations in print are growing every day – allowing your print to reflect your brand, and sell your value, exactly as you’d like. With the right print partner, your options for a lasting impression are limitless. For example, rather than just making a flyer that’s going to end up in the recycling pile – have a tear-away business card at the bottom so they can easily carry and access your details for later. And speaking of business cards – why stop at an eye catching design? Grab their attention the moment you slide your card into their hands with a textured, velvet business card. Business is all about first impression, and print is a tactile experience, unique from digital. Give someone something useful, and they’ll carry your brand around with them everywhere. Give them something memorable, and you’ll always be front of mind.

When it comes to reusable collateral, use your imagination and think about what your customers will really use

Gain some expert advice on how to create competitive print marketing material

When you have endless possibilities at your fingertips, it can be a little hard to figure out where to start. Fortunately, you can always ask the experts. At Inkifingus, we use our in-depth knowledge of creative design and effective print management for brand awareness to help a wide variety of customers from a huge range of industries. Using our years of expertise, we can give advice and help you to create print products that are memorable, valuable and usable. We can also use our co-sourced printing capability to access a unique and varied range of suppliers, so you can create a printed piece that’s truly unique and customised to your needs. Contact Inkifingus today if you would like to know more about the benefits that co-sourced printing can offer your business. Or, if you’d like more information on Inkifingus’ extensive range of products and services, you can download our product brochure here.
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