Creating a Lasting Impact – How Little Choices Can Add Up

Everything we do in our business (no matter how big or small), has an effect on the planet. This is why we need to pay attention to the way we operate, and be aware of the impact our actions have. With the rapid rise of technology, there are new innovations every day, and we can sometimes forget the impact this can have on the environment.  With a “green” vision, Inkifingus is committed to making this world more sustainable through conscious printing practices and by reusing, repurposing and recycling where possible. Our focus on sustainability applies to the various choices we make around the materials we use and the way we operate.

eco friendly printers melbourneChoice 1: Sustainable Paper

Paper is involved in perhaps all daily activities, and is considered as one of the most exploited products, considering that it comes from forest wood. We can mitigate this, by carefully sourcing from managed forests. These are forests being prudently managed by suppliers in order to maintain their sustainability and protect the wildlife that depends on them.

In certain applications, we also highly recommend the use of stone papers. Unlike regular paper created from trees, stone papers are made from calcium carbonate extracted from crushed stones, then fused with a non-toxic resin. In producing stone papers, no trees are used, which promotes greater forest proliferation.


Choice 2: Reducing Water Wastage

Water is a finite resource that plays an integral role in the planet, which is why we have made it our mission to reduce water wastage in our office premises.  Our office consumption  and manufacturing processes use very little water.. The specific machinery we use gives greater automation controls that allow us to reduce water usage significantly.

“Our commitment to environmental sustainability goes above and beyond simply following standard industry practice” – Inkifingus

Every member of our team is dedicated to contributing in reducing water consumption. Water wastage in our office and production are being tightly monitored, immediately reported, and acted upon swiftly to help avoid unnecessary water wastage.

Choice 3: Reusing, Repurposing and Recycling Materials

sustainable printers melbourneThe first piece of advice you might get when implementing sustainable practices is recycling. In our case however, this is actually the last stage.

Our goal is to reuse, repurpose, and then recycle materials as much as we can. This type of process will ensure that the least effort is invested at the least cost possible (both financially and for the environment).


Reusing our Packaging

We encourage our clients to return any reusable packaging back to us, so we can reuse or repurpose it in any other possible means. Used plastic wraps are also being collected, and we reuse this for storing and packaging products. Even in our premises, we provide reusable coffee cups to  avoid unnecessary wastage.


Distributing Offcuts

If a material cannot be used, we look at other areas where offcuts can be used. Through this method, we can extend its life before recycling it or disposing it. Our production offcuts are given to schools where they can be creatively used for arts and projects. Similarly, we distribute the excess materials to our clients for various uses in their offices and homes.


sustainable printers melbourne, melbourne commercial printersComposting Food Scraps

Our food doesn’t go directly to waste as we provide compost bins  and turn our food scraps into nutrient rich fertilizers for plants, promoting healthy biodiversity and giving back to the land. We also collect the remaining hand towel rolls and convert them into storage and packaging.


Reuse Your Old Printing Banners

For large printing, you can even take advantage of our Re-Positional Media (RPM) which is a product in which we can print new updates or features on our RPM surface, which can then be placed on your existing banners, allowing you to reuse your banners again for your next marketing campaign instead of having to print new ones and throw out the old ones.



If all reusing and repurposing options have been exhausted, we will then explore other resourceful ways for recycling materials .

Our metal plates are recycled, with minimal chemicals being used for cleaning plates that are being reused. To ensure that our plastics do not go to the landfill, they are collected by a certified recycler. Lastly, for our wastes relating to digital printing, our group partners with a team that specialises in collecting the waste produced and discarding it as sustainably as possible.


Choice 4: Using Digital Media over Paper Communication

environmentally friendly printers in melbourneStrange as it may sound for a printing company, our vision for a greener world still stands. We want to encourage everyone to prioritise the use of digital media such as PDF fillable forms rather than printing out hard copies.

Using digital communication is much more advantageous compared to the traditional paper work. The flow of communication is faster and convenient, with less need for clunky filing cabinets to store files. These days we can maintain an online database  and have easy access to myriads of information rather than storing it physically in a manual records centre . With just a few mouse clicks, you can find the specific file that you want to access – making it an efficient and effective form of storage.

Another benefit is its extensiveness. Instead of manually printing letters addressed to different employees or customers, you can opt to send an email through computer or phone, and deliver the same message instantly.


Choosing Inkifingus as your Sustainable Printer

Here at Inkifingus, we are always working on our ongoing energy plan to ensure our sustainability practices are constantly improving.

We all want to make this world a better place to live in, and we’d love to do it with you.

If you’re looking to partner with a printing company that puts environmental needs first, then contact our friendly team today on 03 9882 4905 to see how we can help your business’ printing needs.

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