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With more than 50 years in print, Inkifingus has the experience, technical capability, and equipment – including the latest print innovations – to help you produce all your printing  in Melbourne – just as you imagine it.

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e-inki by Inkifingus is your end-to-end online print management system. It’s easy to use, fully-customisable, and allows you to efficiently create & proof art, order, track, export, store, and organise delivery on every job.

Leverage the future of print, today

To help you push the boundaries of traditional print media and leverage the latest innovations in print technology, Inkifingus brings you a range of exciting, new capabilities in print, including repositional media and magnetic walls.

What our customers say about us

“Inkifingus deliver the highest quality service and products 100% of the time. Short turn-around times are never a problem and Graeme is a welcome sight in our office when he delivers the order personally. For any printing requirements, I would recommend only Inkifingus to complete the job.”
Kate Stevens
Event Manager, ICMS Australasia
“We have been extremely pleased with every aspect of our relationship with Inkifingus Printing. We have been working with them for over 3 years now, and they have never missed a beat! I would certainly recommend Inkifingus to anyone, particularly if you are wanting a premier service at a reasonable price.”
Suzanne Carr
Marketing Operations Manager, Green Home Green Planet

Reapply, Reuse, Repurpose

Introducing Repositional Media (RPM), one of the most innovative new print solutions for businesses looking to transform how they utilise displays.

We’ve noticed that businesses use so much of their time and money applying, reapplying, and removing their wall-based prints. RPM is one of the most innovative new technologies in printing designed specifically to help businesses make the most out of their prints, minimise waste, and save thousands of dollars.

Our RPM solutions can be used on a huge range of surfaces, and if we haven’t tired a surface before, we’re happy to test new ones! We’ve helped businesses use RPMs successfully in medical clinics, libraries, schools, shopfronts, and more.

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Check your print health

Have you ever felt like you’re always running out of printed material when you need them most, or having to order in bulk is having an impact on your cash flow? Well, you’re not alone.

Over the years, we’ve noticed a consistent, worrying trend: businesses using an ad-hoc approach to managing print processes are losing thousands of dollars in lost time and inefficiency.

However, that no longer has to be you: The first step towards optimising your print management is to evaluate your current print processes and spend, and identify what changes you need to make to achieve a real return on your investment.

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