Explore our range of capabilities: Print and beyond

Explore our full range of design and print services

Design Services

Let our team showcase your business

Inkifingus Printers’ in-house design team has specialised capabilities that allows you to develop an image that showcases the essence of your business. Whether it’s your business cards, or marketing materials, our design team will work with you to ensure your unique business needs are met.

This service includes:

  • Working with you to develop your concept with our designers (Our clients enjoy one-on-one access to our designers –  in person, if preferred – giving them ability to get the design exactly right faster
  • Creating final art
  • Creating templates for internal documents
  • Accepting finish files
  • Creating files and documents for intranet usage
  • Creating and re-creating logos

Digital Print Services

Leverage the latest technology that makes anything possible.

The evolution of the digital marketplace allows you to run wild with your imagination. Inkifingus Printers has the very latest technology and equipment required to achieve high quality digital printing.

We are the complete print centre which means you don’t have to worry about anything; we take care of a whole range of digital print services. From designing the job, printing, collating, and binding it based on your requirements, and delivering the finished product to your doorstep.

Our digital print services include:

  • Colour printing
  • Black and white printing
  • Collating
  • Personalisation and variable data
  • Finishing inline

Printing and finishing

We'll work hard until you get the best outcome

At Inkifingus Printers, we offer offset and high-quality digital printing. We strive to be a one-stop-shop for everything print by offering an array of print services. This includes:

  • Full-colour printing, through to spot, metallic, opaque and varnishes
  • Lamination, foils, embossing, and form-cutting
  • Array of finishing capabilities – crease, perforate,  fold, saddle-stitch, perfect bind, spiral and wire bind
  • High volume work, and short runs
  • Catering for rush or urgent jobs

Whether you’re looking to print business cards, presentation folders, purchase books, or something that you just can’t describe in words, anything that involves print, we will almost certainly be able to do for you. The advice on how to produce the job in the most time efficient and economical way is part of the service.

Large format printing

Get noticed for all the right reasons

For those advertisements, or prints, that just need to be noticed, we can print large format products up to a width of 3 metres.

The substrates that are printed allows you to use the print indoors or outdoors opens up opportunities for the way you to utilise large sized prints.

These include:

  • Paper and board
  • Perspex
  • Corrugated iron
  • Canvas
  • Doors
  • Corflute and foam boards
  • Banner materials
  • Wood
  • Aluminium

Got a surface not listed here? No worries – we’re always willing to test new surfaces.

For signage, it's important to consider the application and materials for the correct end use.
When it comes to reusable collateral, use your imagination and think about what your customers will really use

Promotional products

Stand out from the crowd

Promotion of any business is dependent on quality print products to ensure it stands out from the rest. At Inkifingus Printers, we provide a range of quality print promotion products for you to distinguish yourself from your competitors. These products can be customised to have your logo or message printed on them to ensure you remain in the mind of your customers.

Examples of promotional products that can be printed on are:

  • Point of Sales products
  • Pop-up banners
  • Boxes
  • Post-it notes
  • Personalised calendars
  • Golf balls (yes, you read that right)
  • USBs in many shapes and sizes
  • Pop-up wall displays
  • Flags and teardrop banners
  • A-frames

Basically, anything you want to use to promote your business, we can help you customise to drive the brand recognition you desire.

Mailing and variable data

Get noticed for all the right reasons

From having the very latest in technology and equipment, Inkifingus Printers can now incorporate the use of variable data with all digital print work. By using your database, we can now print and address envelopes, mail merge the printed product, insert, and finally organise the distribution and mailing of work. We offer shrink or eco-plastic wrap, as well. Targeting your next marketing campaign has never been easier.

To minimise wastage and postage costs in this process and to maximise the effectiveness of using variable data, we are also able to offer database cleansing – a service where we can barcode and de-duplicate addresses.

Whatever you want to achieve in mail, Inkifingus can tailor a solution for you.


Repostional Media (RPM)

Reapply, reuse, and repurpose

While our prints are always made to last, we understand that seasons change, trends come and go, and sometimes things just need to be moved around. For many businesses, this means wasting a lot of time, effort and money scraping off prints, damaging walls, and spending thousands on redesigning and reprinting.

That’s where Repositional Media (RPM) comes in – it’s one of the newest, most innovative developments in printing technology. Designed to help you reuse, repurpose and reapply your prints easily yourself – without the need of an application specialist (unless it’s a large scale application – in which case we’d recommend you have a specialist on hand).

RPMs can transform almost anything, from conventional surfaces like glass, plaster, brick walls, doors, or windows – to the seemingly impossible, like push-bikes!

RPMs are customisable, affordable and best of all, allow you to reapply, repurpose and reuse your products.