Velvet Business Cards

Even in today’s digital age, business cards give you a tangible tool to help introduce you and your business to potential clients. They are a quick and easy way to provide your business details, and are a physical representation and reminder of who you are. They offer a more meaningful and personal touch when networking with people.

But is there a way for your business card to stand out from the crowd and leave a memorable connection with people? If you’re looking for a deeper and richer look to your standard business card, then Velvet Business Cards may be the difference that you’re looking for.


What Is Velvet Lamination?

Inkifingus takes design innovation to the next level with our velvet laminated business cards. While these cards aren’t actually covered in velvet, they are made with a process known as velvet lamination. This lamination process adds a protective layer to your card, providing your card with long-lasting results, while adding a soft texture which looks and feels like suede.

Using velvet laminated business cards can really add the WOW factor to your design. It’s uniqueness can help put you ahead of your competition when it comes to making a great first impression. With a smooth matte finish, it’s worth considering using velvet lamination to provide your business with a high-end business card finish.


Luxury Business Cards Australia

A finely crafted luxury business card will leave a lasting impression to your potential clients. A poor quality finish can detract from the message your card is trying to make.

It’s important to pick a sustainable Australian printer that offers you: premium paper quality, ink quality and a quality finish. The combination of great printing and design will result in a business card that looks and feels luxurious.

At Inkifingus, we offer you premium options when it comes to printing your velvet soft touch business cards. These options include:

– Corner Finish

You can choose from rounded corners or straight corners. Straight corners give your card a more traditional look and feel. Whereas rounded corners gives your card a much softer appearance.

– Greater Card Thickness

Our velvet business cards are offered in luxe 450 gsm card thickness. This is thicker than standard business cards, allowing for increased durability and quality in the overall appearance of your card.

– Spot Gloss Effect

Spot UV provides your velvet business card with a raised, shiny coating. This adds to the visual effect of our card, by allowing your company logo or branding to really pop off the card.


Additional Benefits of our Luxury Business Cards

Your business cards are usually the first physical interaction a potential customer has with your brand. So it’s important to make a great first impression by using a high-quality, luxury business card.

Inkifingus are leaders in printing luxury business cards in Australia. In particular, the ‘soft-touch-feel’ and weight of our velvet business cards make a memorable first impression for your clients.

Additional benefits of our luxury business cards include:

  • Provide a striking yet elegant appearance
  • We only use high quality, vibrant inks
  • Our velvet business cards offer a scratch-resistant surface
  • Velvet business cards provide a quality non-glossy effect
  • Luxury business cards provide you with durable material that will increase the life of your cards


Inkifingus Velvet Business Cards Melbourne


Embossed Business Cards

While it looks lovely, velvet lamination can sometimes make small or fine text look a little fuzzy. This is why we recommend coupling our velvet finish business cards with quality embossing. As well as our shiny UV Finish, we offer beautiful embossing for business cards in both gold and silver foil. This helps to provide a better visual impact to the look and feel of your velvet business card.

Velvet Business Cards Tailor-Made For You

Luxury business cards are a great vehicle to help convey the quality that you offer in your products and services. If you’re interested in achieving a tactile response with your business cards, then reach out to our expert team. We will be able to help you design and print your business cards with a velvet finish. Inkifingus have helped many businesses across Australia diversify their printing solutions and stand out from the crowd with unique quality solutions such as the delicate touch of a velvet business card.

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