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Non-damaging, surface-safe technology new from Inkifingus

Non-damaging, surface-safe technology new from Inkifingus. Repositional media (RPM) for most surfaces from plaster walls, glass, metal and even carpet!

While our prints are always made to last, we understand that seasons change, trends come and go, and sometimes things just need to be moved around. For many businesses, this means wasting a lot of time, effort and money scraping off prints, damaging walls, and spending thousands on redesigning and reprinting.

That’s where Repositional Media (RPM) comes in – it’s one of the newest, most innovative developments in printing technology. Designed to help you reuse, repurpose and reapply your prints easily yourself – without the need of an application specialist.

Repositional Media is so versatile, there are not many applications that can’t be solved using it. At Inkifingus, we’re even happy to work with you to provide test samples to ensure Repositional Media is the right solution for you.

Repositional Media is customisable, affordable and best of all, allows you to apply, remove and reposition your products.

Why Repositional Media?

Prints are easily removed, leaving behind no damage or residue on any of the multiple surfaces that RPM can be adhered to.

You get high-quality print reproduction on various RPM substrates, utilising our image and pattern library, or using any image or design you supply which can be cut to any shape or size

Gives you more control, as most RPM solutions don’t require an application specialist to be present. But application specialists are available if requested, and are recommend for large scale applications.

Can be printed and applied to most surfaces, from smooth to porous, indoor and outdoor.

Our RPM production methods include no fumes and is non-toxic.

Helps you ‘go-green’ by minimising waste and encouraging reuse of your prints.

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