Repositional Whiteboards and Wall Planners to Meet All Needs

Collaborative planning is the new trend and dry-erase wall planners are a great simple and easy solution to encourage it. Make planning and visualising plans up-to-date and a breeze for teams with customisable RPM (Re-Positional Media) whiteboards and wall planners.

Whether you’re looking for a blank space to brainstorm ideas, a yearly wall calendar to track important dates and milestones, or visual aid for sports coaching our self adhesive Repositional Whiteboards and Wall Planners are the perfect, lightweight and flexible product. Simply apply to any flat surface, peel off, move and reapply – with no damage left to your wall, or the product!

Our line of Repositional Media (RPM) products are another product in our range that support our approach to sustainable printing as they are easy to remove, reposition, and reapply. They are a modern solution for meetings and collaborative spaces, without using up paper or even chalk.


Large Stick on Whiteboard for Walls

Do you need a whiteboard for your collaborative space, office space or teaching space but don’t want a clunky whiteboard on wheels to move around? With this self adhesive whiteboard film it’s now possible to create a custom whiteboard for any class or office – no matter how big the space. Whatever dimensions you need, Inkifingus can customise it to fit your preference.

whiteboard walls

Whiteboard Wall

Wondering if you’ll have the space to stick a whiteboard to a wall? With our peel and stick whiteboards, simply remove the backing sheet and apply to the wall or desired surface which will take no space or require any tools. Press the new whiteboard firmly, and smooth it out until it is cleanly adhered to the surface.

Where Can I Use a Repositional Whiteboard?

In short, our repositionable media can be applied to pretty much any flat surface including walls, doors, tables and desks. If your company, classroom or collaborative space has been looking for an creative and flexible space saving solution to brainstorm ideas – our stick-on whiteboards may be just what you’ve been looking for. You can use our Repositional Whiteboards for most indoor and outdoor spaces, as long as there’s a flat surface to adhere it to!  Here’s some of the most common uses our clients have found for repositional whiteboards.


Office Whiteboard

An office whiteboard is a great tool that can enable your employees to engage in a collaborative experience. Take notes, list project dates, and add motivational inspiration to help ignite and facilitate an interactive, collaborative experience within your office workspace, with our custom sized self adhesive whiteboards.

Whiteboard for Teaching

Whiteboards are a fantastic visual aid in schools. Since the rollout of smart whiteboard technology in schools, interactive electronic whiteboards seem to be a common resource – especially in agile learning. To complimenet this, our adhesive custom whiteboards and print and stick design is a great teaching resource for brainstorming activities, collaborative lessons or personalising the classroom space, our

When not in use, our repositionable whiteboards can also double as a projector wall for school lessons – allowing the students to see the teaching material on a large screen.

Custom Whiteboard

Looking for a custom whiteboard is easier than ever with Inkifingus. When you have us print a Repositional Whiteboard for your business, office, or school, they’re printed to the exact dimensions you need. We can also add lines as well as your company’s logo, branding or mission statement. If your logo, mission statement or branding change – Inkifingus can print another RPM product which can then be placed seamlessly over that part of the existing whiteboard.


Custom WhiteboardsBenefits of Custom Whiteboards:

  • Can be applied to any flat surface
  • Self adhesive (simply peel and stick)
  • Can easily be removed 
  • Can easily be reapplied to any surface
  • Dry erasable

How Do I Turn My Desk Into a Whiteboard?

Turning your desk, or your child’s desk into a whiteboard is also possible with our custom stick on whiteboards. Encourage creativity and innovation at work, school or home with with our peel and stick whiteboard solutions.

Whiteboard Wall Planner

As you can see, there are a wide range of possibilities for our repositional whiteboards, with one of the main solutions being our range of wall planners for individuals, teams and businesses so everyone has a clear idea of plans for their days, weeks, months and even the year.

Create and customise your own unique yearly wall planner with ease. Whether you prefer to track your days by calendar year, financial year or anything in between – our customised and personalised yearly wall planners are created to suit your custom dimension and design preferences. Our custom Whiteboard Wall Planners can help to keep you organised and on time.

Similar to our repositional whiteboard solutions – we can customise them by adding your logo, tagline or branding to make it truly unique.

Repositionable whiteboards and wall planners
Monthly Wall Planner

Keeping on top of business reports and important deadlines is crucial to business success. With our Monthly Wall Planner, you will have a clear, visible, friendly reminder so that you can complete tasks, schedule meetings and keep on top of workflow in a timely manner.

Weekly Planner Whiteboard / Weekly Wall Planner

If you’re looking for a small week to week planner for your classroom, office, or training space – then the Weekly Wall Planner whiteboard may be more suitable. Set intentions, plan your days and map out your week with the custom printed weekly wall planner from Inkifingus.

Which Solution Is Right For You?

As you can see, the possibilities are endless with our Repositional Whiteboards and Wall Planners. Get in touch with the team now to see how you can leverage one of our solutions, or have one customised to meet your specific needs.

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