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At Inkifingus, Recycling is the last resort

A lot of businesses focus on recycling to minimise the impact on the environment.

If nothing else is done – this is a great practice for everyone to take.  But at Inkifingus, we see this as the last step
in minimising our environmental impact.

Before we consider recycling something, we look at reusing it or repurposing it.

Here’s how we do it and hopefully there are some ideas on how you can implement this in your home or business.

What We Reuse

The first step we take in sustainability at Inkifingus is looking at what materials we can reuse.

This takes the least amount of effort and requires the least amount of energy, but extends the life of something before considering recycling it.


We reuse packaging wherever possible and have clients return what they can’t reuse, so that we can

Plastic Wrap

We collect the plastic wrap and packaging and reuse it for storing products or packaging orders

Coffee Cups

Across our premises, we have provided reusable coffee cups to all staff to minimise the use of takeaway cups

How You Can "Reuse" When Printing With Inkifingus

If you have packaging that you can’t reuse, please return it instead of breaking it down and throwing it out. We’ll be able to reuse it in future print jobs or around one of our locations

What We Repurpose

Where we can’t reuse an item or material, we then look at ways we can find another use for it by repurposing it.

Similar to reusing something, it takes minimal energy to do but can still extend the life of something before recycling it or throwing it away.

The only difference is often putting a little more thought into how something can be used in another way. In a lot of cases, once we’ve thought about it, it then just becomes something we do.


We give our offcuts and paper waste to schools and kindergartens for arts and crafts, or clients for home use


We have compost bins across our facilities to turn our food waste into compost and fertiliser for our gardens

Hand Towel Rolls

Yes – we even collect our hand towel rolls which we repurpose for packaging

How You Can "Repurpose" When Printing With Inkifingus

When it comes to your printing, for large format print jobs such as pull up banners you can leverage our Re-Positional Media (RPM) to reuse your banner over and over again.

With RPM you can print a branded pull up banner and use Re-Positional Media to reflect rotating offers, events and dates or locations instead of printing a pull up banner for each occasion.

What We Recycle

If we can’t find a way to reuse or repurpose a material, we then look for ways to recycle it.

Here are some examples of materials we recycle to further minimise the amount of waste we produce and materials we need to recycle.

Paper Waste

Paper waste is inevitable for a printing company, but we take great effort to ensure the majority of our unused white paper is “clean waste.” Clean waste is a valuable recycling material because there is minimal ink that needs to be washed and protected with chemicals. Our clean waste is usually first generation paper, which means it can be recycled multiple times.

Metal Plates

All of our metal plates are recycled immediately after use. In the past, plates needed to be washed with chemicals to remove the ink – however, by recycling the plates, we’ve eliminated the need to use these chemicals completely.

Plastic Waste

We take great care in carefully separating and recycling all of our plastic waste. Even the shrink wrap removed from our printing pallets is salvaged. Our plastic waste is collected by a trusted recycler, ensuring that nothing is placed in landfill.

Digital Printing Waste

We’ve proudly teamed up with recycling group Close the Loop. Any digital printing waste is completely recycled: toner waste, old machine parts, plastic containers – you name it. Close the Loop collects it, recycles it, and remakes it into different things. Nothing goes to waste.

How You Can "Recycle" When Printing With Inkifingus

There are little to no packaging materials which leaves us that isn’t recyclable. If you can’t reuse or repurpose it – it can definitely be recycled. There are also a range of choices you can make with the print materials for your jobs which you can read about here.

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