Australian Made
Stocks that display this symbol are manufactured in Australia.

ISO9706 Longlife
Papers displaying this symbol are guaranteed by international standards.

FDA Certified
Products that the FDA (Food and Drug Administration) have deemed suitable for direct contact with food and medical products.

Paper made up of recycled fibres which have been extracted from existing paper products, to be used in the manufacture of further paper products. Recycled paper can be 100% recycled or consist of a mixture of pre and post consumer waste along with some virgin fibre to add strength.

ISO 14001 EMS
Environmental Management Systems
Paper is manufactured by a mill that is accredited with ISO 14001, the international standard for organising and achieving continual improvement in environmental management systems. This standard reviews the total manufacturing process and seeks continuous improvement in aspects such as energy efficiency, waste reduction and pollution control.

FSC Certified Mix/Recycled
A FSC mix label means at least 70 per cent of the wood in a product comes from FSC certified or recycled material; while 30 per cent is made of controlled wood.
An FSC Certified – Recycled label means the wood or paper in a product comes from reclaimed material.

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At Inkifingus, our commitment to environmental sustainability goes above and beyond simply following standard industry practice. When you print with us, we can guarantee that your paper will come from a sustainable source and that our waste won’t end up in a landfill. Recognising the impact we each can have on the longevity of our planet’s health, Inkifingus is committed to making a difference. It is our responsibility to manage a sustainable operation to ensure a better future for our products, our future generations, and our planet.

What we recycle

Paper Waste

Paper waste is inevitable for a printing company, but we take great effort to ensure the majority of our unused white paper is “clean waste.” Clean waste is a valuable recycling material because there is minimal ink that needs to be washed and protected with chemicals. Our clean waste is usually first generation paper, which means it can be recycled multiple times.

Digital Printing Waste

We’ve proudly teamed up with recycling group Close the Loop. Any digital printing waste is completely recycled: toner waste, old machine parts, plastic containers – you name it. Close the Loop collects it, recycles it, and remakes it into different things. Nothing goes to waste.

Metal Plates

All of our metal plates are recycled immediately after use. In the past, plates needed to be washed with chemicals to remove the ink – however, by recycling the plates, we’ve eliminated the need to use these chemicals completely.

Plastic Waste

We take great care in carefully separating and recycling all of our plastic waste. Even the shrink wrap removed from our printing pallets is salvaged. Our plastic waste is collected by a trusted recycler, ensuring that nothing is placed in landfill.

Sustainability goes into every process

Fortunately, recycling these days has become a standard industry practice. However, what sets us apart from the rest is our commitment to making a difference, and that means going above and beyond simply recycling. For every step in our process, we’ve considered how we can minimise our impact on the planet.


Our ink is soy bean-based, and the few chemicals we use are all water-based.

Paper from Managed Forests

Where possible, we use Managed Forests for our paper supply. Managed Forests are cultivated specifically for paper milling. Using this supplier means our carbon footprint is small, wildlife is protected, and we are promoting Australian employment.

Automated Printing Machinery

By using modern and computer-automated printing machinery, we can quickly and efficiently control the print production, reducing our ink and paper waste. By using automated machinery we have significantly reduced our power consumption, and we’re completing printing jobs faster than ever before.

Reduced Water Usage

Over the years, we’ve reduced our water usage significantly. In fact, there is more water used in a toilet than there is in our manufacturing process.

LED Lighting

We’ve stepped up and started doing our part to reduce power usage. By installing LED lighting we aim to reduce our energy consumption by 30%.

Beyond paper and ink

At Inkifingus, our sustainability initiative is more than just ticking all the boxes: it’s a lifestyle choice. And it goes beyond paper and ink. We’ve stepped up and started doing our part to reduce power usage. By installing LED lighting we aim to reduce our energy consumption by 30%. We’re also very committed to digitalisation. This may seem strange for a printing company, but we believe in the importance of reducing paper communication by utilising digital technology as much as you can. Most of our processes are digitised and automated to reduce unnecessary paper waste.

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