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Non-damaging, commercial grade dry erase, surface-safe technology that can be applied to most surfaces. Designed to have you reuse, repurpose and reapply your whiteboard easily – without the need of an application specialist. If an application specialist is required, contact us for our recommended installer list.

Our Repositional Whiteboards are printed with Latex inks, which are non-flammable, non-combustible and produce odourless prints. We recycle our Latex ink cartidges using Close The Loop – A take-back programme to help achieve a Circular Economy.

With our Repositional Whiteboards you’ll get:

  • Any custom design
  • Any length
  • Non-damaging and Surface Safe Technology
  • Life span of 12-18 months
  • The ability to apply, remove, reposition
  • Free kit with any whiteboard which includes install instructions, applicator tool, whiteboard marker and chux eraser.


  • Wall Planners
  • Training facilities
  • Brainstorming walls
  • Collaborative work spaces
  • Coaches’ Boards
  • Endless applications

Repositional Whiteboard Wall Year Planners

It’s time to ditch the worn-out corkboard and start planning your new financial year with ease, style and efficiency – with Repositional and Reuseable Whiteboard Wall Planners from Inki.

Collaborative planning is all the rage – and these dry-erase wall planners make planning and visualising plans a breeze for teams.

Easy to install and easy to move

As with all our Repositional Media (RPM) products, they are easy enough to install yourself. And because the product is entirely repositional, you can peel it away and reapply with no damage to your wall, or the product! Write on your planner with markers and simply dry-erase to use again.

Completely customisable design

With Inkifingus Printers, your wall planners can be designed to be yearly, monthly, weekly – or none of them. We can customise the design to suit how your business plans. Have trouble remembering key dates for your organisation? We can print and highlight them on your planner, so you can prepare effectively for the busy months ahead.

Print to any size

Print a smaller wall planner for your desks, or a large one for a common area or meeting space.

Choose Repositional Whiteboard Wall Planners if you:

  • Need a visible plan for your team so they stay updated
  • Want an easy way to collaborate and plan
  • Have a unique planning process

Make sure your employees know what to expect with your visible wall planner. Ideal for campaign planning, staff allocation, holiday rostering, school timetabling, maintenance charts, order scheduling, job progress

Customised to suit your planning process. Instead of getting just any whiteboard wall planner off the shelf, why not design your own? From large yearly or monthly planners, to smaller weekly or daily options. At Inkifingus Printers we’ll work with you to get the planner customised to suit exactly how your team or business plans. We’ll add any logos or slogans, and use your brand colours to make it truly your own.

Coaches Boards

Give your team the perfect play with our superior quality coaches’ boards and labels.

Coaches Boards

  • Superior quality 5mm sturdy PVC Board
  • Both sides are dry erasable
  • Size: 400mm x 250mm

Coaches Labels

  • Our labels can be applied to any surface, like a clipboard for instance
  • Can be removed and reapplied to any surface
  • Dry erasable
  • Size: 250 x 200mm


  • Whiteboard Marker – Australian Made (refillable) Whiteboard Marker. Or can be purchased directly from
  • Whiteboard Marker Clip – Holds a standard whiteboard maker – can attach to front or back of Coaches Board (permanent once attached).
  • Two Velcro Dots – Apply one velcro dot to either side of the board and one on the whiteboard marker to attach and keep them together using velcro.

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