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Good visual merchandising will help your business stand out from the crowd and we are here to help

Promotion of any business is dependent on quality print products to ensure it stands out from the rest. At Inkifingus Printers, we provide a range of quality Point of Sale products for you to distinguish yourself from your competitors. These products can be customised to have your logo or message printed on them to ensure you remain in the minds of your customers..

Our range:

  • Pull up banners
  • Boxes
  • Post-it notes
  • Personalised calendars
  • Golf balls (yes, you read that right)
  • USBs in many shapes and sizes
  • Pop-up wall displays
  • Flags and teardrop banners
  • A-frames
  • Corflute and Foam Board
  • Wall Art
  • Window Signage
  • And many more..

Basically, anything you want to use to promote your business, we can help you customise to drive the brand recognition you desire.

Why not turn some of these displays into Repositional Media?

Tired of your old design, or have a new promotion in mind? You shouldn’t have to pay full price for a new product. Just make a change to your existing design using our Repositonal Media.

Pull up banners

Inkifingus pull up banners are customisable and interchangeable, so you can add, change and reuse the messaging on your banner without having to order (and carry around) multiple banners. Our pull up banners are compatible with Inkifingus’ Repositional Media. Whether you’re extending a promotion, changing a date, or want your design to stand out a little more, we’ve got you covered.

Simply apply the new message over the banner, and remove it again when you’re done. RPM is removable, reuseable, and damage-free. Best of all, it can roll up with your banner, so you can store and carry it wherever you go.

We offer two types of pull up banners:

Premium – Interchangeable skins and rails, can add a hard case with handles and wheels, connectable to create a banner wall, 10-year warranty.

CCS – Smaller footprint, lighter to carry, soft carry case included.

Window Signage

Our Repositional Media is perfect for window signage, which can be easily installed and removed by yourself when the promotion has ended. Click here for more information on Window Signage.

Wall Art

We can help you create jaw dropping wall art displays and promotions, which is easy to Apply, easy to Remove and easy to Reposition. Click here to find out more about our Wall Art.

Let Us Make Printing Easy For Your Business

Not sure what we can help you with? Get in touch with us to see how Inkifingus can help you transform your business with print