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Redefining print – it’s more than paper and ink

For over 60 years, Inkifingus have been providing quality print services to businesses. A lot has changed over the years, including the range of services we offer. This has expanded well beyond paper and ink, into a range of digital solutions of all shapes, sizes and quantities.

We have helped many businesses impeded by the time-consuming and complex process of managing print. Recognising the prevalence of this challenge for SMEs in Australia, Inkifingus has developed a unique approach to printing that takes the hassle right out of the printing process. Our commitment to the environment also sees sustainable printing practices built into every step of the process.

Leveraging an online platform, e-inki, Inkifingus’s clients have end-to-end control of their printing process, from concept to delivery. Now, these businesses are leveraging Inkifingus’ comprehensive range of printing capabilities to tap into a source of significant competitive advantage through their print material.

While the shift to digital has provided the opportunity for many to enter the print industry, very few possess the experience and passion that the team at Inkifingus possess. The ability to draw from years of experience, and provide the best advice, insight, and innovative technology is what drives them, and what helps Inkifingus’s clients achieve genuine return on their print investments – time after time.

Inkifingus can help you maximise the return on your print investment by reducing time, cost, and frustration associated with print management.

Why Inkifingus

We help businesses minimise the time they spend on their print management process across traditional print through to a range of innovative digital solutions. We ensure they maximise the benefit they receive, by giving access to:

End-to-end control of your print management process

Control of order, artwork, proof, and budget approvals through a chain of command approach. With full visibility of your process, we can also help optimise your cash flow through order management.

Streamlined process designed to minimise waste and save time

We offer rationalisation and standardisation of forms to minimise waste, including aligning digital and printed versions. You’ll get variable templates to minimise administration around business cards and other collateral.

Fast-tracked flexible delivery

We can support your unique delivery requirements including Desktop Delivery, cost-effective, same-day, and Just-In-Time. We also offer Direct-to-customer-shipping from our locations with your details.

Flexible printing and alteration support

We offer support for alterations, so that your printing remains flexible, with a clear proofing process, as well as offering cost effective solutions for both high volume work and short runs

Commitment to your brand

We’ll stringently enforce your corporate branding and styling guidelines for all projects.


We offer warehousing of printed goods you’ll be using in the future, and access to Warehousing Stock Reports through our einki system or supplied by us

Complete order history

You’ll get clear reporting and history tracking on all your printing activity.

Consistent and reliable supply

We guarantee consistency of supply which means you never have to ‘make do without’.

Multi-site business optimisation

We are also optimised to produce printed material for multi-site businesses.

Up-to-date version tracking

We ensure that you’re always working with the latest files, saving you time and eliminating unnecessary back-and-forth.

Easy and efficient document storage

We provide you with one central point for document storage, ensuring you have access to every file you need.

Secure and confidential services

Your information and designs are safe with us, with guaranteed security and confidentiality.

We deliver a range of outcomes for our clients

Easy to use and
access online print
management platform

Repositional media to
expand the potential of
your print

Agreed pricing

Third party management of
related products

Environmentally responsible
manufacture to meet
exacting specifications

Pick and pack
dispatch capability

In-house design and
artwork management

Warehousing for
printed materials
and goods

On-demand delivery

What a few of our customers have to say about how we’ve helped their print management process

“We have been extremely pleased with every aspect of our relationship with Inkifingus Printing. We have been working with them for over 3 years now, and they have never missed a beat! I would certainly recommend Inkifingus to anyone, particularly if you are wanting a premier service at a reasonable price.”
Suzanne Carr
Marketing Operations Manager, Green Home Green Planet
“Inkifingus deliver the highest quality service and products 100% of the time. Short turn-around times are never a problem and Graeme is a welcome sight in our office when he delivers the order personally. For any printing requirements, I would recommend only Inkifingus to complete the job.”
Kate Stevens
Event Manager, ICMS Australasia

Let Us Make Printing Easy For Your Business

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