Introducing Our Antimicrobial Signage For The Workplace

Having a clean office is vital to maintaining good health and hygiene for your staff. Antimicrobial signage printing can be the last line of defense against illness-causing bacteria in the workplace. It’s important to keep your facilities clean, but it’s also good to know how antimicrobial film can protect your staff from an onslaught of microorganisms that could lead to infection.


Keeping Your Workplace Healthy with Antimicrobial Film Printing

What Is Antimicrobial Adhesive Film_With the continuous COVID outbreaks in Melbourne, it’s time for local businesses to start thinking about the wellbeing of employees and customers. Studies show that a majority of offices are still not fully aware of the risks of bacterial infections and other illnesses due to lack of handwashing stations or cleanliness.

How can you help? With our antimicrobial COVID signage, it is possible for you to provide your staff with the information they need in order to stay safe and healthy while on the job!



What Is Antimicrobial Adhesive Film?

Antimicrobial adhesive film is a material that has been certified to fight against coronavirus. It works by inhibiting the growth of anti-microbial agents and killing bacteria and viruses on common workplace surfaces.

This film is not a substitute for proper cleaning, but rather to enhance the health and safety for your staff and customers.

To fulfill increasing demands, we have introduced our Antimicrobial Signage to help keep your Melbourne workplace safe from these harmful pathogens. Our signs will last longer and don’t require any maintenance or special care to keep them looking fresh and clean.


Antimicrobial Adhesive Door Handle Stickers

Antimicrobial Adhesive Door Handle StickersAntimicrobial adhesive door handle stickers have been certified for antimicrobial protection. These are a great option to protect the hygiene of your staff, customers, family members as well as yourself.

They not only provide an additional layer of cleaning but they also help prevent contamination from common pathogens by at least 99.99% within 24 hours of application!

These door handle stickers are repositional and non damaging to surfaces. They can be made to any size or shape, and are easy to apply with a wet finger, damp cloth, squeegee or lint roller.

We offer antimicrobial adhesive door handle stickers in both self-adhesive (peelable) as well as durable permanent vinyl options that will withstand the test of time.


Antimicrobial Workplace Signage

Antimicrobial Screen Printing is not just limited to door signs. These can also be used for common workplace areas such as:

  • Touchscreens
  • Floors
  • Tables
  • Counters
  • Windows

As well as other general signage. These are used as a way to educate employees, customers and visitors about important information such as hygiene rules and social distancing while visiting your business premises.


Advantages of Using Antimicrobial Signage in the Workplace

Germs need humidity to proliferate and Antimicrobial Screen Printing provides protection by restricting this growth. This means less time for bacteria and viruses to be viable on printed surfaces.

Antimicrobial films are beneficial because they reduce contamination from common pathogens in a workplace setting. For example, if people touch a table that has germs on it with their hands then eat food without washing their hands, this can contaminate other surfaces too – including those touched by customers who visit your store!

The lack of adequate antimicrobial solutions is why many Melbourne businesses are now using Antimicrobial Screen Printing services. By using signage with an Antimicrobial Film, you’ll have one more tool at your disposal to keep your workplace safe.


Try Our Pure Zone Anti Microbial Film for 24/7 Protection

In today’s environment, it is important to be proactive when it comes to workplace safety. Using the Pure Zone Anti Microbial Film for your workplace signage and other surfaces ensures that you provide customers with a safe experience every time they visit your business premises. This film has been certified to fight against coronavirus, so it offers some peace of mind in regards to hygiene compliance too!

Contact us today for your repositional workplace signage needs, where our expert team can also advise you on how to use our antimicrobial film for maximum safety.

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