Our Commitment

Our commitment to environmental sustainability goes above and beyond simply following standard industry practice

When you print with us, we can guarantee that your paper will come from a sustainable source and that very minimal waste ends up in landfill.

Recognising the impact we each can have on the longevity of our planet’s health, Inkifingus is committed to making a difference.

It is our responsibility to manage a sustainable operation to ensure a better future for our products, our future generations, and our planet.

Sustainability Goes Into Every Process

Fortunately, recycling these days has become a standard industry practice. However, what sets us apart from the rest is our commitment to making a difference, and that means going above and beyond simply recycling.

For every step in our process, we’ve considered how we can minimise our impact on the planet.


Our ink is soy bean-based, and the few chemicals we use are all water-based.

Automated Printing Machinery

By using modern and computer-automated printing machinery, we can quickly and efficiently control the print production, reducing our ink and paper waste. By using automated machinery we have significantly reduced our power consumption, and we’re completing printing jobs faster than ever before.

Paper from Managed Forests

Where possible, we use Managed Forests for our paper supply. Managed Forests are cultivated specifically for paper milling. Using this supplier means our carbon footprint is small, wildlife is protected, and we are promoting Australian employment.

Reduced Water Usage

Over the years, we’ve reduced our water usage significantly. In fact, there is more water used in a toilet than there is in our manufacturing process.

Beyond Paper And Ink

At Inkifingus, our sustainability initiatives are more than just ticking all the boxes: it’s a lifestyle choice. And it goes beyond paper and ink.

We’ve stepped up by doing our part to reduce power usage, print materials and waste.


We’ve installed LED lighting and timers on our lights to reduce power usage. Our aim is to reduce energy consumption by 30%.

Digital Media

This may seem strange for a printing company, but we believe in the importance of reducing paper communication as much possible.


Before we recycle, we look at how we can repurpose materials for other uses before they’re turned into something new

What’s Next?

Whilst we’re doing all we can to make a positive impact on our environment, it’s an ongoing journey and we’re always looking for ways to evolve.

Here are some of the areas we’re looking to address and improve next.

Solar Power

In addition to installing LED lighting and timers, we are now looking into installing solar power at both our sites to further reduce our impact on the environment


Plastics are the biggest challenge for most businesses when it comes to sustainable practices. We’re reviewing all our plastic materials to see what can recycled plastic, also known as ‘2nd generation plastic’


We’re in the process of looking for a cardboard perforator machine which will allow us to turn cardboard boxes into cardboard packaging nets we can use to securely transport orders

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